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AmbiSync® Monitor Backlight Kit

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  • Description
    Elevate your gaming or work setup with the AmbiSync® Monitor Backlight. Our innovative system uses a proprietary AmbiSync® Windows program, bypassing HDMI limitations to maintain your monitor's peak performance. This LED strip syncs colors from your screen to the wall, creating an immersive experience without affecting refresh rates or resolution. Enjoy customizable RGB colors and easy app control for a seamless, vibrant display. Transform your space with the AmbiSync® Monitor Backlight.
  • Compatibility

    The AmbiSync® Monitor Backlight Kit works with all computers running Windows.

    **Not Compatible with Mac OS

  • Specifications

    Compatibility - Windows only
    Size Adaptability - Smart (Cuttable LED Strip with Intelligent Color Adjustment)
    Refresh Rate Impact - None (No effect on monitor's refresh rate)
    Resolution Impact - None (Does not affect screen resolution)
    Control Method - App Control (Easy and Intuitive)
    WiFi Connectivity - 2.4 GHz
    Proprietary Software - AmbiSync® Windows Program (For Seamless Integration)
    Smart Home Integration - Amazon Alexa, Google Home, SmartThings

  • Delivery
    Region ETA Courier
    USA 2 - 6 USPS
    Canada 4 - 10 CanadaPost
    UK 4 - 9 Royal Mail
    Europe 4 - 10 PostNL
    AUS & NZ 4 - 9 AusPost
    Asia 4 - 12 Sg Post
    Middle East 4 - 9 SPL & FedEx
    Rest of World 5 - 10 FedEx IP
As Seen In

Extraordinary Color Precision

See colors leap off the screen with our LED backlight, expertly calibrated for an awe-inspiring, true-to-life color journey.

Smart Size Adaptibility

Tailor your backlight to fit perfectly: simply cut our LED strip, and it intelligently adjusts its colors to suit your unique viewing setup.

High-efficiency Rapid Synchronization

Feel the thrill of real-time immersion; our LED backlight boasts High-efficiency Rapid Synchronization, ensuring immediate color and scene alignment.

  • Software Integration

    Seamless Sync with Windows Program

  • Adjustable Brightness

    Customize Brightness for Eye Comfort

  • No Performance Impact

    Zero Effect on Monitor Performance

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