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AmbiSync® Backlights

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AmbiSync® Monitor Backlight Kit

Elevate your gaming or watching experience on your PC with our dynamic LED strip lighting

$49.99 USD
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AmbiSync® HDMI TV Backlight Kit

Upgrade your TV setup with our HDMI TV syncbox, syncing LED lighting to enhance your viewing experience

$139.99 USD
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AmbiSync® Camera TV Backlight Kit

Transform your movie nights with our camera-equipped LED Backlight for an unparalleled viewing experience

$99.99 USD
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AmbiSync® Monitor Backlight

Vyvva Gets the Job Done

"Totally loving Vyvva's PC Backlight in my setup! It's super easy to tweak and use, and it's made my desk look awesome. Friends keep saying how cool it looks whenever they come over!"

AmbiSync® Camera Backlight

Fun & Convenient

"The quality is top-notch, and it really brings my viewing experience to a new level. Super impressed with the attention to detail."

AmbiSync® Camera Backlight

Can't beat them

"Absolutely loving Vyvva's Camera TV Backlight! It adds such an incredible vibe to my living room. The quality is top-notch and it's just so cool to look at. Every time friends come over, they're always wowed by it."

AmbiSync® HDMI Backlight


"Vyvva's TV backlight has completely changed my viewing experience. The glow is striking, creating a vibe that's both cool and immersive. It's not just a backlight; it's a mood enhancer for every show or movie I watch."

Smart App Integration

Our app allows users to control and customize their smart lighting products, creating personalized and energy-efficient lighting environments for their homes or businesses.